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“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”― Dr. Seuss

Lets capture all your weird wonderful wedding moments, that make you the couple you are!



Includes an Engagement Session and up to an 10 hour day . A beautiful USB & keepsake box with all reproducible pictures in full colour, and black & white, with print release. You will receive a link for an online gallery.



Includes Up to an 8 hour day . A beautiful USB & keepsake box with all reproducible pictures in full colour, and black & white, with print release. You will receive a link for an online gallery.



Includes up to 3 hours. Small wedding ceremony, and formal portraits after the ceremony. A beautiful USB & keepsake box with all reproducible pictures in full colour and black & white, with print release. You will receive a link for an online gallery.



Up to a 1.5 hour engagement session. Two outfits is recommended so you can have different looks. On location that is special to the two of you! You will receive a link for an online gallery with photographs in full colour and in black & white.


What is your style of photography?

A. It's very hard to describe style, there are so many things that influence my style. I am constantly taking courses and learning new techniques to evolve my photography skills. I like to combine styled-photojournalism: meaning I tidy up things, get you to stand in the flattering light then photograph what unfolds. Laughing, crying all of that real emotion. With Traditional Photography posed smiling looking at the camera. These styles combined give you a beautiful and cohesive collection of photographs.

How long does it take to receive our wedding products?

A. It takes 14 weeks to edit and package your wedding USB. Within that time frame I will mail out your USB, you will also be sent your online gallery to view and share with family and friends.

How many pictures will we receive?

A. For a 8 hours coverage wedding, you will receive between 400 to 700 fully edited images. I always choose quality rather than quantity I provide you with all reproducible photos from your wedding.
I do hand edit all your photographs to ensure they are perfect. I like to enhance the natural picture, just to give the photo a little boost. However if you have a pimple on your wedding day rest assured it will not be in your photos. All photos will be given in both Black & White and Colour. I love both and I like my clients to have a choice.
I do not provide raw photos, or outtakes. These photos are culled very carefully and all duplicates, eyes closed, sneezing etc. are not kept.

When should I book & Can you hold my wedding date? Is the deposit/retainer refundable?

A. I generally book a year in advance. I can on occasion book a last minute wedding if I have the availability (last minute being a few months notice) I only take two weddings a month to allow for other photography services. (Ie: family portraits, events)
I do not hold wedding dates it is a first come first serve basis.
Once the non refundable retainer is received and the contract is signed that date is yours and no one else’s. I turn all other clients away and for that reason the retainer and all other monies paid are not refundable. I may be able to reschedule your date if I have any availability.

What happens if you are sick on our wedding day?

A. A little cold won’t slow me down thats for sure. In the 10+ years that I’ve been photographing weddings I have never missed a wedding day (knock on wood). If for some reason I am on deaths door, have a serious injury or something tragic were to happen to me; I am part of a large network of awesome photographs, and a suitable replacement will be provided. Rest assured your wedding day will be covered!

Do we need to provide a meal for you at the wedding reception?

A. Please!! I guess technically you don’t need to, but to keep me happy and alive it’s a really nice thing to do! I generally start my day very early and by the time the reception rolls around that meal is usually the only one I get. So yes please feed the starving artist. Ideally I like to eat when the head table does. That way I'm ready to go when the speeches happen. I do not photograph people while they are eating because who wants a picture with a big mouthful of food.

How much time do you need for pictures after the ceremony?

A. Between 1.5-2 hours is preferable. If you have a wedding planner we may have to coordinate timelines. I put lots of padding just in case things run late.
Here is a break down of what a wedding day looks like if the ceremony starts at 3pm from a photographers view.

9am-9:30am- photograph reception site/details if set up.
10am-11pm- photograph bridal hair, make up, bridal details
12pm-1pm- photograph groom getting ready, groomsmen, groom details
1:30pm-2:30pm- photograph getting the dress on, bridesmaids
3pm-4pm- photograph ceremony, receiving line
4pm-6pm- family formals, wedding party, couples portraits
6pm-8pm- reception, (no photographs while eating) speeches
8:30pm-9:30pm- or whenever the dance is. Wedding dances (bride & groom, father of the bride & bride, mother of the groom & groom dance)

Can our family take pictures with their cameras?

A. Absolutely! As long as I get the ones I want first and they are free to take photos before we switch groups. That being said I do love a unplugged ceremony. That way when you look back at your photos of you coming down the aisle you don’t see a sea of cameras, cell phones, and iPads. I leave that to your discretion.

Where are you based and do you travel?

A. I am based in Thorburn, Nova Scotia. I do love to travel. A mileage/room fee will be applied to the contract if the wedding is outside the Pictou County Area. I’ve been from Yarmouth, NS to PEI, to Meat Cove, Cape Breton NS and anywhere in between. I love seeing new places.

Do you travel for engagement sessions?

A. I do travel for engagement sessions. Any engagement session part of a wedding package or purchased separately are subject to travel fees if outside of Pictou County.

Can we give you a shot list or must have photos?

A. Sure you can; I always ask for a list of family members that are important to get photographs of and of important items (grandmother jewellery etc,) That being said keep in mind I generally get all the popular photos, details without prompting if time allows. So there really is no need for a shot list except for family members.

What is the online gallery? Are our online gallery digital files watermarked?

A. The online gallery is collection of pictures that tell the story of your wedding day from start to finish. It is not all your wedding photos that you will receive on your USB. The photos on your gallery are high resolution images that can be downloaded and are not watermarked.

Do you have a second shooter?

A. I do not use a second shooter, I manage my time very wisely on a wedding day to capture all aspects. I’ve been photographing weddings solo for over ten years and have a well honed routine.

Do we get the copyright of our wedding photographs?

A. As the photographer that created these images I own the copyright. However you will be provided with a print release, which allows you to print wherever whenever you please for your own personal use.

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